FlowTube: A Manufacturing, Assembly, Material Handling, Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solution Using a Modular Aluminium / Steel Tube & Bracket System.

FlowTube is a simple and reusable system made up of steel tubes, quick assembly joints and accessories, which enable the design and build of a wide variety of custom designed structures to aid storage and material handling.

FlowTube is an extremely versatile product used for many applications in manufacturing, material handling and logistics.Customised structures can be designed and built to address the requirements of any application.
FlowTube is a particularly useful tool for continuous improvement and Lean Manufacturing applications e.g. Kaizen, 5S, Visual Management, Parts Supermarkets etc.

FlowTube supports continuous improvement in the following ways:
Fast - FlowTube structures are quick and easy to assemble. It requires no special tools or training, making it ideal for shop-floor changes at point of use.
Flexible - FlowTube equipment can be easily modified to improve ergonomics, add or remove features, or change dimensions for different products.
Moveable - All FlowTube equipment can be mounted on castors so that the work area can be quickly rearranged for optimal productivity.
Reusable - In the event that equipment must be completely redesigned, FlowTube structures can be easily disassembled and the parts reused.

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Tubes - Wide range available Metal Joints / Plastic Joints & Components Accessories
Flow Racking, Gravity Flow Racks, FIFO Lineside Order Picking Assembly Lines
Work Benches / Lean Manufacturing Work Benches Work Stations / Lean Manufacturing Work Stations Multi Function Work Station
mobile industrial storage trolley
Trolleys / Carts Tool Trolleys /
Custom Trolleys
Mobile Storage Trolley
Storage Shelving Pigeon Hole Dunnage Bags Display Stands / Notice
Tables Part Stands Bespoke Solutions
Stage System School stage with Ramp Banner Frame System

Using FlowTube you can simplify processes, improve worker productivity and decrease both initial and working costs. Direct savings include: reduced cycle time, increased throughput and reduced equipment footprint. Indirect savings include: reduction in lost work hours due to ergonomic design, better employee engagement due to involvement in design and continuous improvement projects. More information can be found on the benefits of FlowTube page.

FlowTube is used in a wide variety of situations; manufacturing, assembly, material handling and distribution as well as many commercial applications. Selected FlowTube applications are listed in the right column and all applications are listed in the FlowTube Applications page.

Full information about how to design and build FlowTube structures is available on this site or to download. For more detailed information on the FlowTube system including; options, safe working loads, detailed assembly instructions and design tips, please visit the FlowTube Assembly Guide page.

FlowTube structures are built using three main types of components:
Tubes – 28mm diameter tube, either steel coated with ABS plastic or stainless steel.
Joints – Interlocking steel brackets, which clamp over the tubes to hold them in place, nickel coated joints are available for ESD applications.

Accessories – Other FlowTube compatible components including; rails, roller tracks, latches, castors, hinges, and assorted brackets, adaptors and accessories.

FlowTube applications and FlowTube specifications
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