Aluminium Tube / Aluminium Pipe Racking

28mm, 33mm and 43mm

The FlowTube modular system now offers a complete range of extruded aluminium tube, joints and accessories, which has the benefits of being light and easy to reconfigure as desired – but with an extremely high strength to weight ratio. The aluminium pipes are hard-wearing and reusable, with an anodised finish. They can either be integrated easily into FlowTube’s traditional steel structures or be used as custom-designed standalone equipment for industrial and manufacturing applications for example flow racks, assembly, benches, work station and trolleys.

The pipe racking modular system is ideal for continuous improvement and lean environments as it provides a totally versatile solution. Requiring no welding, it is simple and quick to assemble – and reconfigure – using its interlocking joints and connectors. The wide range of connecting joints available provide many options as there is a choice of ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ joints.  

The aluminium tubes are available in both 28mm, 33mm and 43mm O/D and in various profiles and weights: regular and heavy duty tube; regular and heavy duty round tube; T-slot tube; and slide tube. There is also an extra-heavy duty double aluminium tube. Accessories include nuts and bolts, threaded inserts, castors and castor mounts.

The aluminium pipe system becomes even more flexible with the addition of FlowTube’s shelving, decking and roller tracks. Besides industrial use, applications include constructions such as display boards, exhibition stands and garment rail frames.  Being much lighter than steel, aluminium modules are even easier to move on castors.

Other benefits offered by an aluminium pipe modular system:

  • Easy to clean: ideal for lean production or clean room environments
  • Option for smoother continuous surface, by using inner joints flush with tube surface
  • High aesthetic value
  • Aluminium is environmentally friendly and retains high recycling value

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