Creating Custom Material Handling Solutions To Meet Your Material Handling Requirements

FlowTube’s tube and bracket approach to creating material handling solutions allows you to design and build to adapt to your processes. Creating modular solutions future-proofs your solutions as you can quickly adapt to add new features such as picking buckets, bins or lighting.

For advice on how plan, design, and build your solution, view our Assembly Guide page.

Material Handling Solutions

Gravity Flow Rack

Gravity Flow Racks are also known as Live Carton Flow, where racks are created using inclined roller tracks to help cartons continue to flow forward towards the picking line.  Goods are fed into the back of the rack to minimise disruption to the picking line.

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Storage Shelves

Products are stored in long to medium-term storage with inclined shelves for easier identification of boxes.  Storage shelves can be wheel-mounted to allow moving to another area when space is required for production line expansion.

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Trolleys/Carts create a faster movement of stock/components from storage to the assembly line.  These are lightweight and mobile solutions that can be used to carry odd-shaped goods or designed to work with AGVs for automated production spaces.

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Workstations/Workbenches/Production Cells

Workstations, workbenches and production cells create an isolated space for one specific aspect of the assembly process.  These can be linked with conveyors to other production cells to create a seamless flow of material and semi-finished goods.

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Packing Stations

Packing stations are one of the most important parts of the supply chain with goods having to be packaged quickly and securely to help keep goods flowing reliably. Create packing stations to meet your shipping requirements.

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Lean Display Boards

Measure and provide live updates on KPI’s to production teams, as well as making production schedules visible for everyone to work towards. Create lean display boards in any style you want.

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Gateshead Clinical Computer Cart

With many sectors requiring mobile computer equipment and peripherals, creating the right computer cart to deliver the functions needed can improve the efficiency of the users and keep live data accurate.

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Modular Staging

Modular Stage Systems (MSS) provide highly versatile, competitive solutions for staging requirements for all occasions. It’s light, quick and easy to assemble, and can be used as a stand-alone, portable stage, or incorporated into an existing stage system.

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