Benefits of Working with FlowTube

FlowTube’s tube and bracket solution allow you to create a modular system that is quick and easy to assemble and adapt to process changes, giving it a significant advantage over fixed and off-the-shelf solutions.  With lean manufacturing and Kaizen principles more widely adopted, FlowTube offers manufacturers the chance to continuously optimise their production lines by quickly building new, modifying or extending existing structures.

Fast Design and Assembly FlowTube structures are quick and easy to assemble. It requires no special tools or training, making it ideal for shop-floor changes at the point of use. Modular Approach Design new and adapt existing solutions to improve ergonomics and implement new manufacturing processes.
Easier Maintenance – Witness markings allow visual inspection of joints without unbolting brackets, making Total Productive Maintenance quick for material flow and production lines. Mobile Equipment All FlowTube equipment can be mounted on castors so that the work area can be quickly rearranged for optimal productivity.

Robust Steel Structures That Are Mobile

FlowTubes’s patented pyramidal grip provides up to 30% extra grip strength making the built structure robust to heavy knocks and supporting more substantial weights.  This allows solutions to maintain their mobility allowing it to grow and adapt to the production requirements.

What are the benefits of FlowTube Steel?

A wide variety of accessories are available to customise FlowTube structures:

  • Castors
  • Adaptors
  • Roller tracks
  • Label holders
  • Tube end bungs
  • Adjustable height tube feet
  • Hinges
  • Towing hitches


The FlowStore Value

To support your FlowTube requirements, FlowStore offer a full turnkey solution from design to build and delivery. The options available are:

  • Full – FlowTube design, assemble and deliver
  • Design and Component Supply – FlowTube design and deliver the components, you assemble
  • Supply Only – FlowTube deliver the parts, you design and assemble

Building the right material handling solution to ensure material is flowing in the most efficient process is critical to your business.  FlowTube provides solutions from flow racks and storage shelving to workstations/workbenches and picking carts to some of the biggest names in automotive, industry, retail and logistics.  Our complete service allows customers to specify what they need.  Our expert Project Managers work with you to design your solution, and we can provide turn-key assembly services and deliver to you. Customised applications and lean solutions for virtually any business environment can be quickly built using FlowTube due to its highly flexible and robust nature.

Designing Your System

  1. We appoint a Project Manager according to the type of requirement, covering various areas including design, commercial, contractual, factory and site assembly and commissioning.
  2. Where needed, Project Manager will conduct site visits to review requirements and set key milestones for delivering project.
  3. Project is passed to our CAD team who develop concept designs in SolidWorks to provide visuals and design BOM.
  4. Project Manager and Client sign off CAD design of project.
  5. Order is placed by client and FlowStore schedules production timelines according to requirements.


Building and Delivering Your System

  1. Order schedule is passed to production team and build is entered into production plan.
  2. Order is picked and components photographed to show full kit was picked.
  3. Kit order is sent out for delivery, or assembly order is passed on to production team.
  4. Order is assembled to CAD design instructions.
  5. Order is passed on to quality team to check measurements and design is met.

With the comprehensive range of steel tubes, joints and brackets, roller tracks and other accessories, along with the fact, the parts are reusable, FlowTube is, without doubt, a massive benefit for both industry and non-industry sectors, especially those embracing continuous improvement practices.