FlowTube tube and bracket solutions

The FlowStore Service

FlowStore supplies many sectors with custom-made gravity flow racks, workbenches, trolleys and components. With a choice of aluminium and steel tubes, flexible and fixed joints, and hundreds of accessories, the FlowTube product range can be used to create the ideal lean manufacturing solution to meet your specific production requirements. With our in-house design team and on-site stock, Flowstore is the perfect partner for rapid design and delivery.

Identifying Your Requirements

The requirements for your assembly line structures will be determined as you identify process improvements on your production line.

A crucial part of your specification will look at the type of solutions available:

  • Static structures vs mobile structures
  • Fixed design vs modular design
  • Future-proofing against future improvements

Benefits of Mobile Structures

Adding castors to your design makes your assembly line more flexible and allows for changes to be made in the future as takt time, and production sequences are improved.

  • Ideal for short-term production runs and sub-processes for small assemblies.
  • With forklift-free production facilities becoming more common, mobile flow racks and custom trolleys can help make material flow more efficient.

Using Modular Designs

Modular designs allow quick changes to be made to existing structures such as adding roller tracks.

  • Structures are more adaptable, allowing quicks efficiency gains such as adding component bins.
  • Ideal for connecting new flow racks to make existing structures deeper and implement FIFO processes.

Using Tubes and Brackets

Tube and bracket solutions allow you to design your structures to meet your requirements and make modifications when they are needed.

  • Adapt to be highly resistant to chemicals for easier cleaning maintenance.
  • Quickly repair damaged structures by replacing brackets or tubes when needed.

Design Your Solutions

The FlowTube product range is easy to design and build with profile system. Once you have specified the requirements for your order, you have the choice of creating your solution in-house or FlowStore’s expert CAD design team are available to provide you with a complete design service.

Our complete design process keeps you in control with your specification driving the design of the solution and our sign-off process ensures that you are happy with the final design and can make any desired modifications.

  1. We appoint a project manager according to the type of requirement, covering various areas including design, commercial, contractual, factory and site assembly and commissioning.
  1. Where needed, project manager will conduct site visits to review requirements and set critical milestones for delivering the project.
  1. The project passes to our CAD team who develop concept designs in Solidworks to provide visuals and design BOM.
  1. Project manager and client sign off CAD design of the project
  1. Once the client places the order, FlowStore schedules production timelines according to requirements

Building your Solution

Flowstore offers a complete build service for your solutions. From component pick to assembly and delivery, our production team works hard to maintain the highest quality levels with photos taken at each completed stage and referred to in the event of any customer query.

Building and Delivering Your System

  1. Order schedule is passed to the production team and build entered into the production plan.
  2. The order is picked, and components photographed to track all items were picked
  3. Kit order is sent out for delivery, or assembly order is passed on to production team.
  4. Order assembly takes place according to CAD design instructions.
  5. Order is passed on to the quality team to check measurements, and ensure the design signed-off has been built.