Flow Racks – First In First Out [FIFO] Roller Racking

First In First Out [FIFO] inventory management is traditionally associated with time-sensitive items (i.e. items with a shelf-life) and while it is ideal for this, it has a number of advantages even for items that are not time-sensitive. One of the best ways to provide FIFO racking is a flow rack. It consists of inclined roller racking which is stocked from the back and inventory is withdrawn from the front. In the case of a Kanban system there is often a 'return' lane – sloping the opposite way – for empty bins.

Flow racks have a higher stocking density than conventional shelves as they can be considerably deeper. They also offer an ergonomic pick-face as the inventory is always at the front. As the inventory is moved using gravity, there is no requirement for electricity or other services to the racking.

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FlowTube is ideal for creating flexible modular gravity fed racking and FlowTube FlowRacks have many advantages when compared with other flow rack systems:

  • Customisable – FlowTube FlowRacks can be designed to perfectly fit inventory and functional requirements. This means that ergonomics, footprint and other variables can be optimised.
  • Adjustable – Like all FlowTube structures, flow racks can be modified quickly, easily and without special tools. This is ideal if inventory sizes or requirements change.
  • Modular – FlowTube FlowRacks can be fully integrated with other FlowTube structures including Workstations and Assembly Lines.
  • Mobile – Flow racks can be fitted with casters so that they can be moved.
  • Lean – Lean manufacturing principles are supported as the flow racks can be continuously improved and integrated with other Lean systems.
  • ESD Compatible – FlowTube FlowRacks can be designed and built to be ESD compatible, by selecting ESD coated tubes and accessories.
  • Colours & Finishes – FlowTube is available in a variety of colours to fit in with a visual management scheme. It is also available in stainless steel for an improved strength to weight ratio.

In summary FlowTube is an excellent way to integrate gravity racking into any process. A flow racking system can dramatically improve picking efficiency, ergonomics and inventory movement, particularly when trying to achieve Lean Manufacturing flow.

Types of Flow Racks:

  • Free standing flow racks
  • Mobile / portable flow racking
  • Adjustable gravity rack
  • Ergonomic flow racks
  • Industrial roller rack
  • Assembly flow racks
  • Flow rack workstations
  • ESD roller racks
  • Modular flow rack