Making packaged food flow quicker and fresher

Once food has been prepared and packaged, the focus switches to minimising time to customer to ensure maximum freshness.  FlowTube’s modular approach is ideal for creating new packaged food handling processes that minimise time to retail space.

Implementing live carton flow with flow racks

Flow racks help implement FIFO in food environments creating a natural flow of foods through the warehouse to ensure perishable food is picked and shipped with newer deliveries pushing existing inventory to the front of the rack to make sure no food is left getting spoilt.


  • Flow racks can be designed for food totes to be placed directly onto the flow racks to minimise storage time
  • Conveyors attached to flow racks allow totes to travel to loading bays
  • Solutions can be designed to accommodate different size foods allowing products to be grouped by type to create streamlined food distribution processes
  • Prepared meals can be stacked on to mobile racks that can be pushed into vans and trucks for more accessible transportation to retail sites
  • Visually inspect to ensure joints are still secure without the need to empty rack or disassemble joints
  • Securely transport crates of glass bottle with reduced risk of damage, reducing wastage and financial losses
  • Protect perishable goods by reducing the weight load on top of boxes, e.g. bananas
  • Reduce the need for single-use plastic wrap to hold pallet stock together


Packaged food storage

Long-life foods and preservatives can be stored safely with box labels clearly visible.  Roller tracks will help keep older stock coming forward, much like a flow rack.


  • Store long-life foods on dedicated shelving for easier product identification
  • Roller tracks will keep boxes moving forward to replenish removed product
  • Can be easily modified to house different shape products without disrupting storage of other products
  • Special coating makes it compatible with cold and moist environments
  • Reduce single-use plastic wrap usage to hold stock on a pallet by using mobile flow racks to store and move stock

Food order picking trolleys/carts

Order picking trolleys can be designed to multiple sizes for different order types and delivery vehicles.  Customising the order picking stages allows all types of customers to be serviced efficiently and reduce picking time.


  • Customise the trolley/cart design to pick order amounts for each retail site
  • Create to carry a variety of tote sizes to meet the food preparation requirements
  • Special coating makes trolleys/carts easier to clean and maintain exceptional hygiene levels
  • Can be designed to dock with carriages for direct delivery to sites to minimise handling requirements