FlowTube’s B2B dedicated advice and design service

Whether you require tube, joints and accessories only or a complete designed and assembled manufacturing solution, you can rely on the expertise of FlowTube’s team of experienced designers. Working in-house with specialised knowledge of industry applications and lean solutions, we will support you all the way, from general queries and the principles of design to choosing the right systems for your business.

Always seeking the best solution at a competitive price, our dedicated team will provide drawings and details of the relevant components as they bring your concepts to life. Our designs can be integrated into existing systems and other material handling gear.

Structural strength and ergonomically efficient solutions are vital ingredients of your manufacturing applications. We will advise you accordingly, should you request a system built to the continuous improvement kanban process or kaizen solutions.

Individual design structures
Our UK factory based in Hayes near London can produce special structures, such as curved tubes, if needed for function or design. They can be delivered with the other parts or included in the build of your FlowTube application.

Options for ordering and supply of FlowTube tube, brackets and accessories

Our flexible approach gives customers three main choices:

  • Supply only: We supply the stock, the customer designs and assembles the solution
  • Design and supply: We design and supply, the customer assembles
  • Design, supply and build: We design and supply the assembled solution.
Flowstore Customer
Design Pick / Cut Assemble Deliver Use
Design Pick / Cut Deliver Assemble Use
Pick Deliver Design Cut Assemble Use

From bespoke trolleys to complete manufacturing and warehouse solutions, our FlowTube design team is ready to help make your business successful.