Making Stock Handling Faster In Retail

With high stock turnover common across most of the retail sector, making the stock handling from goods-in and stocking shelves to order picking and packaging more efficient is key.

FlowTube is used in many solutions available to the retail sector that will help move stock quicker throughout the warehouse and distribution processes.

Make Stock Available Quicker With Flow Racks

Flow racks built with FlowTube offer multiple benefits to the complex logistics of retail. Fast and moderate moving items need to be booked in and made available to sell as fast as possible. Flow racks create many opportunities for efficiency optimisation.


  • FlowTube allows custom-designed flow racks to handle complete cartons or individual products
  • Create systems multiple racks deep for fast-moving goods – load from the back as current stock automatically flows to the picking side
  • FlowTube based systems can be modified to handle different size packages as a mix of fast-moving products changes
  • Fixed flow racks can be installed for moderate moving products with more tiers for increased storage capacity
  • The modular approach of FlowTube provides a range of accessories that can be added or removed as solution requirements change


Storing Large Items And Slow-Moving Goods

Fixed, larger flow racks can be built with FlowTube steel to support larger, heavier items and slower-moving goods.


  • FlowTube Steel is ideal for larger, heavier items
  • Create bespoke storage for odd-shaped products
  • Colour code steel tubes to clearly identify the type of storage and goods
  • Witness marks allow your storage solutions to be inspected without unloading racking

Order Picking With Fewer Errors

Order picking and moving orders quickly to packaging are essential to ensure the correct products are shipped to meet requested delivery dates.


  • Custom trolleys/carts can be built to meet your product type and various order sizes
  • Pick-to-light can be implemented with FlowTube to improve picking accuracy and minimise costly errors
  • Add multiple totes in trolleys/carts for picking multiple orders
  • Add a custom scanner and monitor holders for more ergonomic solutions
  • Trolleys/carts can be AGV compatible for automated transfer to packing stations


Custom Packing Stations

Not all retailers are the same, so it makes sense to create custom packing stations to suit the package dimensions and packing materials used in your processes.  FlowTube's tube and bracket system allows you to customise your designs to meet your requirements.


  • Ergonomic designs keep frequently used materials close to the operator
  • Shelf storage keeps packing area clear
  • The screen can be mounted and height adjusted to suit each user
  • FlowTube packing station can be integrated with conveyor to optimise workflow further
  • Increase efficiency, reduce wastage and increase productivity throughout the packing process