FlowTube Quick Self Build Assembly Guide

How To Design and Build FlowTube Structures

FlowTube is specifically designed for ease of assembly, disassembly and reuse. No specialist tools or training are required, just a measuring tape, a way to cut the pipe and a 5mm Allen key.

Three simple steps: design, cut and build the structure, then use and re-use it … again and again.

Alternatively we can take your brief and supply you with CAD drawings, rendered images and deliver the final builds constructed in our warehouses.







self build drawings & diagrams customised self build flowtube lean solutions build customised flowtube lean solutions
For most structures the design is a simple sketch to determine the lengths of tube and types of joint required.  
Alternatively we can take your drawings and produce photo-like rendered images and CAD drawings.
Measure the tubes and cut to the required length. Assemble the tubes and joints using a single 5mm Allen Key. 



using flowtube customised applications



The structure can be disassembled and re-used to build new structures.

Some inspiration for what to build:

  • Workstations / Workbenches / Assembly Cells
  • Flow Racks / Roller Racks / FIFO Racks
  • Lineside Inventory Stores
  • Assembly Lines
  • Trolleys / Carts / Order Picking Carts
  • Industrial Shelving and Storage
  • Modular Staging
  • Exhibition Stands and Accessories
  • Retail Displays and Fittings
  • Display Boards / Signs / Banner Frames
  • Custom designed equipment and solutions …

More detailed information regarding joint types, design tips and safe working loads can be found in our downloadable FlowTube Design and Assembly Guide.

The FlowTube and Design Assembly Guide contains the following information:-

  • FlowTube design guide, component application and design options
  • How to create safe designs using FlowTube
  • FlowTube design tips
  • More advanced assembly guidelines
  • Looking at joint assembly in more detail
  • Assembly sequence guide