Design and Build your FlowTube Solution

FlowTube is specifically designed for ease of assembly, disassembly and reuse. No specialist tools or training are required to design your solution or to build it, just a measuring tape, a way to cut the pipe and a 5mm hex / Allen key.

There are three simple steps to follow when designing your solution with FlowTube:

1 - Design - Once you understand the requirements of the structure you are going to build, it’s time to sketch out the outline of what you need to fit within the space you have. Next, you build in the working area required for the structure, from shelving and track runners to lighting and power.
2 - Cut - Measure and cut the tube to the required length using your cutting tools. It is essential to secure the tube to prevent it from moving or rolling to prevent any accidents to yourself.
3 - Build - Assemble the tubes and joints using a 5mm hex / Allen key.

Once you have finished building and testing the structure, you are ready to go. With FlowTube, new tubes, brackets and accessories can be added to the structure to adapt to meet new process requirements or to build a new one again. Structures can be disassembled and re-used to build new solutions.

  • Workstations / Workbenches / Assembly Cells
  • Flow Racks / Roller Racks / FIFO Racks
  • Lineside Inventory Stores
  • Assembly Lines
  • Trolleys / Carts / Order Picking Carts
  • Industrial Shelving and Storage
  • Modular Staging
  • Exhibition Stands and Accessories
  • Retail Displays and Fittings
  • Display Boards / Signs / Banner Frames

Our Design and Assembly Guide provides detailed information on:

  • FlowTube design guide, component application and design options
  • How to create safe designs using FlowTube
  • FlowTube design tips
  • More advanced assembly guidelines
  • Looking at the joint assembly in more detail
  • Assembly sequence guide