Creating custom trolleys/carts for assembly and order picking

Modular trolleys/carts can easily be customised to meet requirements for any industry. They can be built to any size and shape, as well as handle simple cartons or odd-shaped components and sub-assemblies.

Benefits of custom FlowTube trolleys and carts

  • Design multiple solutions to meet different material handling requirements
  • Optimise structure for size, strength and ergonomic presentation of parts
  • Trolleys/carts can be integrated into production lines and storage spaces to provide mobile inventory and capacity when required
  • FlowTube trolleys/carts are adaptable as part of continuous improvement strategies. The ease of connecting the tubes and brackets allows modifications to be made during Kaizen events
  • Shadow boards can be installed on top to keep tools tidy where trolley/cart is in use as a mobile workstation
  • Trolley/cart can be designed to carry multiple odd-shaped components safely

Trolleys/Carts Gallery

FlowTube has been used in trolleys and carts across many industries to create a wide range of mobile solutions:

  • storage trolleys
  • industrial trolleys
  • shelf trolleys
  • tray trolleys
  • trolley tables
  • order picking trolleys
  • office trolleys
  • steel trolleys
  • kitting trolley
  • catering trolleys
  • hospital trolleys
  • book trolleys
  • stainless steel trolleys
  • three shelf trolleys
  • art storage trolleys
  • deluxe heavy-duty steel trolleys
  • janitor and cleaners’ trolleys
  • maintenance trolleys
  • mobile office trolleys
  • mobile storage trolleys
  • post and mailroom trolleys
  • storage bin trolleys
  • warehouse trolleys